About Us


At Soovos, we are passionate about delivering unparalleled fit and comfort which makes each garment a staple that women want to wear every day and every evening. Finest materials, masterly craftsmanship and lasting designs shape our products. 

We search and source the highest quality materials from fabric to the threads. All of our clothes are made to last long and are a true value for money. 

we understand professional women - what matters to them and what they value. From No Gape, non-transparent dresses,  to smallest of the details which you won’t notice until you try us!  We believe every woman is unique. We know you express yourselves through what you wear. We deliver quality work-wear, tailor fitted to your body measurements. 

Soovos stands for versatile clothing. Clothes that can be worn to work, after work or on a Saturday night. For someone who is always on the move, style coupled with comfort is the priority. We have the collection of essentials that incorporate the perfect balance of quality, design and price. 


We hope to bring the Soovos magic into your world….Magic begins with a wish